Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 27, 2018 Your privacy is important to us. This policy describes what information Osgoode Media collects when you use our apps and games. By using our products, you consent to this policy.

Information We Collect

Osgoode Media does not collect, store or share any personal information. Our games do not deliver ads or require internet permissions. We submit our games and applications to various App stores, such as Google Play and the Microsoft Store. The information they collect is controlled by them, and falls under their own Privacy Policies.


A “cookie” is a file stored on a computer by the internet browser, when a user visits a website. This website does not create or view any cookies, and does not view or access any data from visitors. Social media websites, such as Facebook, provide plugins or widgets for use on websites. These widgets track the actions of users, so this website does not include any widgets from any third party.

Games on Steam

Steam services are used to set Steam Achievements. The login is handled by Steam. The game only sends the name of the Steam Achievement to Steam, when it is achieved. No personal information of any kind is gathered, transmitted or stored by the game. The Steam transactions are managed by Steam, and fall under their privacy policy. Steam Achievements and login are not required to play the game, except required by Steam.

Games on Xbox One

All Xbox One games are required by Microsoft to provide Xbox Live sign in and display of the user’s gamertag. Sign in is optional. At the start of the game, if the user is already signed in to Xbox Live, the gamertag will be displayed. Otherwise, the user will be asked to sign in. The sign in is optional and can be cancelled. If the user signs in to Xbox Live, their gamertag will be displayed. The sign in is handled by Microsoft, and the gamertag is the only personal information gathered. The gamertag is only gathered to be displayed by the game. It is not transmitted or stored by the game. The internet permissions are used only for the purpose of the required Xbox Live sign in option and gamertag display. The Xbox Live transactions are managed by Microsoft, and fall under the privacy policy.